Justice is too important to wait


You are here because, like many Americans, you feel a lack of hope for the future. It’s no wonder with the growing list of problems the world faces – from social and economic inequality to racism, homelessness, climate change, and violence.

Christianity and the Judaism that informs it, calls on people to stand up for compassion and in opposition to injustice. People feel the need for change but for both individuals and congregations there is often uncertainty about how to answer the calling for justice and compassion.

Join the work of transforming the world. We will show you how . . .


Our programs provide essential knowledge, tools, and confidence for individuals and congregations to get involved and take action.

One-Day Workshops


Courses: Advocacy, Social Location, Forms of Social Change.

Jubilee Program

6-month online program

A transformative in-depth course with weekly workshops, small group discussion, and hands-on experience with a social justice agency.

Group Workshops

Online for groups and congregations

Topics: Progressive Christianity, Advocacy, Social Location, and Forms of Social Change.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


a workshop for everyone

In the past many of our workshops were only available through participation in the Jubilee program. No more! We heard from you that you want these workshops more available. Now you can sign up for one (or two or three!) of our two-hour virtual workshops as well as a...

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The Jubilee Class of 2023

The current participants in the Jubilee program have been meeting and learning together since last October. During the program they attended 10 workshops, 8 sojourns, volunteered doing justice work with five community...

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A letter from JLP Founder & Director

September 2021 Justice Leadership Program Welcome “And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I; send me’” Isaiah 6:8 For many of us, the world is not as we would have it. There is a great and growing...

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“I know I couldn’t do what I’m doing now without this program. I’m on the state steering committee. I never thought that people would listen to what I say, that my vote mattered. But with this program I know it does and I have confidence I didn’t before.”

-Kim, 2023 Jubilee graduate

“The program gave me a platform to help support what my local church was doing in social issues and to bring new ideas and some new skills to the congregation that were missing.”

-Sherley, 2023 Jubilee graduate

“I’m less hesitant to speak up and suggest direction within my church. The church, Christianity, democracy are at risk if we don’t get back to love and justice. Having this class, this process, has helped me to put words to what I believe, and the courage to speak them.”

-Maureen, 2023 participant

“I was interested in the program because I wanted to learn some of the strategies and vocabulary of current social justice movements. I learned all of that and much more that I didn’t even know I didn’t know – like how to identify and harness your own and others strengths and how they are ALL needed to effectively create long-lasting change. I learned more about building community, taking time to reflect, using creativity, and recharging when necessary.”

-Kirsten, 2022 Jubilee graduate

“Why pursue the Justice Leadership Program? Because building a sustained, powerful mass movement requires a broad array of talents (writers, artists, lawyers, scientists, educators, social media experts, organizers), not just charismatic spokespersons. All are needed to create the visions needed to inspire radical social transformation.”

-Jim, 2017 Jubilee graduate

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