In the past many of our workshops were only available through participation in the Jubilee program. No more! We heard from you that you want these workshops more available. Now you can sign up for one (or two or three!) of our two-hour virtual workshops as well as a 5-part workshop series. You can choose to take them by yourself or invite other interested friends or church-members to join you. Bring four people and the fifth is free!

Additionally, if your church would like to do a workshop as a group (minimum of seven people), we will host a workshop just for your group.

Check out the workshops below and on our events page.

Questions or don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us at

October 17

Techniques essential for taking action on any issue.

October 30

The identities you carry and how it impacts your experiences.

Lenten series 2024

Explore how the lessons and values of our faith tradition can inform our work to build a better world.


Check our event listings for this workshop coming in 2024.