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Jubilee 2024 – application deadline

December 31, 2023

If you feel called to work for justice, the 5-month online Jubilee program is for adults to integrate faith and justice work into their lives in a meaningful and transformative way. Deepen your understanding, learn practical skills, and gain the confidence to take meaningful action in the ecumenical Jubilee program. Each month includes skill-building workshops, spiritual reflection and group support, justice work within an established organization, and engagement in your home congregation.

Meets one evening a week from January – May 2024.

Cost for the full 5-month program is $500.

More information and FAQ here.

Application here.

Program testimonials:

“I’m less hesitant to speak up and suggest direction within my church. The church, Christianity, democracy are at risk if we don’t get back to love and justice. Having this class, this process, has helped me to put words to what I believe, and the courage to speak them.”

-Maureen, 2023 Jubilee graduate

“The program gave me a platform to help support what my local church was doing in social issues and to bring new ideas and some new skills to the congregation that were missing.”

-Sherley P.

“This has been my Monday night well spent. It’s my hope. It’s my Sunday. Things that I didn’t think about seriously, you have brought them to my attention. I think the small group was really effective in that we had the opportunity to chat with one another, understand one another, build a relationship.”

-Sherley, 2023 Jubilee graduate

“We came together as a bunch of strangers. Now we’re friends. That made it better in order to answer the questions because we felt more comfortable answering them in this space.”

-Kim, 2023 Jubilee graduate

“I was interested in the program because I wanted to learn some of the strategies and vocabulary of current social justice movements. I learned all of that and much more that I didn’t even know I didn’t know – like how to identify and harness your own and others strengths and how they are ALL needed to effectively create long-lasting change. I learned more about building community, taking time to reflect, using creativity, and recharging when necessary.”

-Kirsten, 2022 Jubilee graduate

“Why pursue the Justice Leadership Program? Because building a sustained, powerful mass movement requires a broad array of talents (writers, artists, lawyers, scientists, educators, social media experts, organizers), not just charismatic spokespersons. All are needed to create the visions needed to inspire radical social transformation.”

-Jim, 2018 Jubilee graduate

“The Justice Leadership Jubilee Program has changed my heart and my heart. I have a deeper understanding of advocacy and justice. I am more aware of my biases, strengths and areas of growth. I now have the skills to continue this journey as I define where my presence is most needed in the world of justice.”

-Chris, 2017 Jubilee graduate

“Each component of Jubilee was essential to creating an experience that moved me through a transformational process, leaving me thankfully changed. All people and this planet matter; I choose to spend my time differently because something deep inside my heart and soul has shifted.”

-Lin, 2017 Jubilee graduate