Forms of Social Change


4:00-6:00pm PST REGISTER HERE Learn the difference between social service and social justice and why this distinction is important. Explore the methods of achieving social change – advocacy, direct action, activism, education and community engagement. Discuss how they differ, how they intersect, and circumstances in which to use each. This workshop is led by Rev. […]

Jubilee 2024 – application deadline

If you feel called to work for justice, the 5-month online Jubilee program is for adults to integrate faith and justice work into their lives in a meaningful and transformative way.
Apply today for 2024.

Introduction to Progressive Christianity, a five-part online series


4:00-6:00pm PST There is an amazing and often hidden alternative understanding of what it means to be Christian. From Exodus to Jesus and beyond the Bible offers an ancient, enduring and surprisingly relevant story about people living in the light of the love of God. This class will explore how the lessons and values of […]