Group Workshops

Group workshops are for congregations and groups of friends, neighbors, colleagues, or people from a shared faith community or tradition. The workshops can be taken independently or as a series. A minimum of five participants is required. Click the link to request a workshop or contact us with any questions.

Advocacy – Learn how advocacy can be used by individuals and congregations to influence political, economic, and social decisions.

Forms of Social Change – An introduction to transformative justice and how it differs from addressing the direct needs of the vulnerable among us. An overview of the different forms of social change like activism and advocacy and how they can be used.

Introduction to Progressive Christianity – Examine biblical texts in a new light and learn how social and economic justice is a core tenant of both the Old and New Testament.

Nonviolence – Reviewing the history, through films and books, of the use of nonviolent activism as a method for achieving social change.

Social Location – Examining the place we inhabit within our society and how this affects our relationships, access to power, influences, and experiences.

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