JLP Gather

JLP Gather supports the growing community of JLP participants. From many walks of life and from around the nation, JLP participants are connected by their faithful commitment to justice and building a better world. Graduates from our programs have gone on to study in related graduate programs, attend seminary, work in advocacy organizations, build justice teams at their churches, join national and regional committees for justice, get involved in advocacy within their state legislature, and volunteer hundreds of hours to organizations working for justice.

Twice a year JLP participants gather virtually to connect, share stories and resources, and encourage one another in the important work of transforming the world.

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Historically, JLP was started in 2012 with an intentional community program for young adults who worked in justice-based nonprofits and justice-centered congregations in the Seattle area while living together and learning the tenets of simple living, spirituality, and basic theories of justice. The young adult program concluded in 2019 with dozens of participants finding their life’s calling in the work of justice.