Jubilee program

The Jubilee program is for adults who are interested in integrating faith and justice work into their lives in a meaningful and transformative way. Over the five-month online program participants will explore and deepen their understanding of theology, systemic injustice, and the methodologies of social change. Each month includes skill and knowledge building workshops accompanied with group discussion and spiritual reflection.

The next Jubilee cohort will begin in January and end in May. We ask that applicants apply by November 30th, 2023. Spots are limited.


The Jubilee program is comprised of four complementary components:


Workshops take place every month. Areas of development include: Progressive Christianity, Racial Justice, Nonviolence, Forms of Social Change, Social Location and Leadership Skills. Each workshop is accompanied by discussion to process and explore application.


As faithful people, we are called to do the work of justice in community. Participants will explore and deepen their faith in monthly reflection gatherings with a spiritual sojourner, while also providing support and accountability to one another in their justice work.


Each participant will work with JLP to identify a justice organization with which to volunteer. Working with agencies directly involved in social justice work provides participants the opportunity to see this work in action, meet others engaged in similar work, and be a contributing force to the work of justice in their community.


Our communities of faith can be centers of hopeful change and transformation. Participants will work with their existing faith community to enliven and inspire congregational mission and ministry through justice-centered projects.


How many hours can I expect to spend on the program per week? Will the hours be flexible?

Jubilee participants will build their hours around their schedule and the needs of their community agency, but average between 6-10 hours per week. Workshops, discussions and sojourning are monthly, reoccurring on the same day of the week, usually in the evening.

Are there age restrictions on the program?

The Jubilee program is for adults. Often participants are in a transition point in their life or have time and flexibility to intentionally develop their faith and justice work.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost for the five-month program is $500. We encourage participants to talk with their congregational leadership to collaborate on fundraising a contribution or scholarship.

What if I am not currently part of a church?

We anticipate that most participants will be coming from a congregation, however we understand that not all participants may be currently active in a faith community. We will work with candidates to find a congregation with which to work.

Do I need to live in a specific place to participate?

Jubilee is available to anyone in the United States or beyond (time zones being the main limiting factor). It can be challenging away from more urban centers to find a community agency involved in systemic justice, but we will work together to find something.

Do I need anything specific to participate?

Yes. You will need a computer, a Zoom account, and reliable internet access to participate in this online program. We will do our best to assist with setup and troubleshooting.